Leasing Benefits

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Capital Conservation
If your business plans include new equipment, leasing through Heller provides an additional source of financing and preserves your bank line of credit for other profit-generating activities. Unlike a bank loan, leasing provides 100% financing and requires no down payment. In addition to hardware, the lease agreement also can cover software, training, freight and installation costs.

Tax Advantages
Heller lease payments, unlike bank loans, are generally tax-deductible. In fact, under current tax laws, some previous advantages of owning equipment are becoming less attractive when compared to the overall benefits of leasing. You should discuss these benefits with an accountant or tax advisor.

Total Solution Financing
Bank loans traditionally only cover the acquisition of computer hardware, which are tangible assets. But, computer systems encompass more than just hardware. Leasing provides total solution financing for your  computer system needs. It enables you to wrap both hard costs and soft costs – software, training, freight and installation – into one monthly lease payment for added convenience and flexibility.

Overcome Budget Limitations
Do you need to stretch your budget dollars further? Lease payments can be lower than purchase installments, helping accomplish this goal. In fact, many companies find they can acquire more equipment through leasing, rather than paying cash. Compatible peripherals, software, installation, training, service and other costs can also be included in your lease agreement.

Flexible Financing
Many companies have unique cash flow requirements. If you  are among them, leasing through Heller offers the opportunity to develop a specific payment structure that meets your unique needs. For example, you may want financing that will not affect your balance sheet. In this instance, our operating lease, featuring off-balance sheet financing may work best, since it keeps your balance sheet clean and key business ratios favorable.

Convenient Financing
Easy financing involves completion of our one-page lease application. For your convenience, credit decisions on transactions up to $35,000 are generally made in one business hour. And once the lease is approved, simplified lease documents are quickly prepared.

Obsolescence Protection
Are you concerned that your computer or office automation equipment might become obsolete too soon? Leasing helps you manage the risk of technology becoming outdated. When equipment is leased, it is easy to add on to or upgrade the equipment at any point during the lease term, thereby maximizing your company's productivity.