The Master Software  Advantage

What is the Master Software Advantage?

bulletPersonal Attention

All at Competitive Prices

Personal Attention

Master Software analyzes your computing needs before recommending a computer solution. Your system is customized in both hardware and software for the tasks you expect it to perform. You don't ever pay for extras that "come with the system" that you don't need or want.


Each computer system is carefully assembled using components with proven track records. The choice of modular design and standard components assure maximum usefullness of your system.

Every system from Master Software is fully configured. This means that all the drivers (such as video, fax, multimedia) are installed and verified. There is no extra charge to fully configure and customize your system to meet your needs.


Master Software performs a 48 hour burn-in of your system. When we set up your computer in your home or office, we know from our own experience that it works. We don't deliver an untested computer for you to find defective components.


Basic instruction in the use of your new system is a part of every Master Software delivery. We also provide you with a surge suppressor power strip, a box of disks, and in-home or in-office service, should you need it.

Our prices are competitive with the super stores.


They can't match our quality, reliability, or personal service!