Sample System Prices

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. These prices should only be used as a guideline. Due to fluctuations in the prices of hardware and software, your price may be less than shown here. Please call for details.

The systems described below represent typical configurations and you can use the pricing to estimate what your system will cost. Master Software will create a custom configuration that matches your needs and desires, and will provide you with a quote on your system.

Master Software Service

We analyze your needs and create a custom system for you.

Each computer system or upgrade is carefully assembled or installed using quality components. We install all drivers for you. Systems are burned in for 48 hrs.

System prices include delivery and set-up in your home or office, basic instruction on system use, a surge suppressor, and a box of disks.


All Master Software systems include:

bulletPCI Motherboard with Via or Intel Chipset, Processor and Chip Fan
bulletMinimum 256 K Cache
bullet20 GB Hard Drive (Western Digital, Maxtor, or Seagate)
bullet3.5 inch Floppy Drive
bullet64 MB SDRAM
bulletATI Expert98 8 MB AGP Video Card
bulletPCI Controller with 2 IDE Ports
bullet1 Enhanced Parallel Port, 2 16550A Serial Ports
bullet2 USB ports
bulletMid - Tower Case
bullet17" .27 dot Non-Interlaced SVGA Monitor
bulletKeytronics PS/2 Keyboard 
bulletMicrosoft PS-2 IntelliMouse with wheel
bulletZoom Internal PCI Controller-based 56 kbps V.90 FAX Modem
bullet50X IDE CD-ROM Drive
bulletCreative Labs PCI 128 Wave Table Sound Card, including Game Port
bulletAmplified Speakers with Subwoofer and AC Adapter
bulletMicrosoft Windows 98 Second Edition
bulletMicrosoft Works Suite 2001 (Includes Word 2000, Encarta 2001,
Works, Publishing, Money, Expedia Streets and Trips)
bulletSurge Suppressor, Box of Disks, Mouse Pad
bulletDelivery, Set-up, Basic Instruction


Pentium III 600 $ 1495
Pentium III 667 * $ 1535
Pentium III 700 $ 1535
Pentium III 733 * $ 1550

Pentium III 800 $ 1580
Pentium III 800eb * $ 1560
Pentium III 850 $ 1625
Pentium III 866 * $ 1650
Pentium III 933 * $ 1760
AMD K7-600 Athlon $ 1450
AMD K7-750 Athlon $ 1475
AMD K7-850 Athlon $ 1590
AMD K7-900 Athlon $ 1615
AMD K7-1000 Athlon $ 1790
* These systems feature 133 MHz front side bus, instead of 100 MHz.


Full Tower Case Add $ 30
20 GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM Add $ 30 
128 MB RAM Add $ 40
ATI Xpert128 16MB AGP Video Card Add $ 30
ATI Xpert2000 32MB AGP Video Card Add $ 45
ATI All In Wonder 32MB AGP Vid w/TV Add $ 175
Internal IDE Zip Drive 100/250 MB Add $ 65 / 110
DVD-ROM Drive Upgrade Add $ 70
Creative DVD-ROM/Decoder Kit Upgr. Add $ 150
CD ReWritable Drive Add $ 155
3-Com or Intel 10/100 Network Card Add $ 55
17" Monitor .25 dot pitch Add $ 15
19" Monitor .26 dot pitch Add $ 100
Office Pro 2000 instead of Works Ste Add $ 50
Without Modem Subtract $ 70
Without Bundled Software Subtract $ 90

OPTIONS (with System Purchase)

4/8 GB Internal Tape Backup Add $ 200 + tapes
10/20 GB Internal Tape Backup Add $ 270 + tapes
280 VA Uninterruptable Power Supply Add $ 95
8 port 10Mb/s Network Hub Add $ 50
3-year On-Site Warranty Add $ 140

The Fine Print:

Warranty on equipment is 1 year parts and labor, except for those components which are warranted for longer periods by their manufacturers. Prices are subject to change due to the volatile market for computer equipment. Final price will be confirmed at the time you place your order; you will receive the best pricing available at that time. For systems, a deposit of 50% is required, with balance due on delivery, which will be approximately 1 - 2 weeks after order. All prices are subject to 5% Md Sales Tax.